Can there be read-only multiplayer?

This is related to my prior question about live coding without data projection.

To enable my ~40 students to watch me live code through their browsers, I created a Teams for Education group project and added all of them to the group. While this enabled them to see my coding, the screen also showed their cursors and sometimes their nicknames. Replit reported merge conflicts even though the students claimed not to be typing anything.

Is there a way to get read-only multiplayer where users can see my changes immediately but cannot affect the REPL?

Thank you.

EDIT: When I tried using a group project with a different section of the class and sternly told them not to click on the code, it worked.

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Multiplayer mode is for collaborative coding if it were to be read only it wont serve the purpose.

What you want to do can be achieved by creating for example zoom class and using screen sharing feature and giving link to students to join and students won’t even need any account just join link and watch they won’t be able to interact so will not do mischief in code editor.

Hope this is solution you are seeking.

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Thank you for letting me know read-only multiplayer isn’t possible.