Can’t see mark lesson as complete in tutorial

Problem description:
Can’t see mark lesson as complete

Expected behavior:
I am on desktop browser and performed the tasks in the lesson

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Hey @ajayjagota, welcome to the community!

You will need to show the “Tutorial” tab before you can mark the lesson as complete.

There should be a “Show tutorial” button at where the “Mark Lesson as Completed” button is located. Click on it and the complete button should appear

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I have tutorial tab open still no button

Are you on mobile? A lot of features, like moving onto the next tutorial don’t exist on mobile yet.

Seems to work on my device though. Is there any extensions that could have somehow altered the website?

No i am on desktop, and i have tried different browsers

Not sure i will try in cognito on a browser to disable extensions

still no button, it must be something in the settings

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Anybody with any suggestions - opened in Firefox without plugins and still no buttons

what browser are you using?

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