Can’t establish a secure connection (page won’t open)

Problem description

Anyone else been having issues with their site today? I’m running a node server, it’s linked up to a domain i own, and it’s been working for months… but today it keeps going down and says couldn’t establish a secure connection (message changes depending on browser). It’s fine on the replit domain but not on the domain it’s linked up to which people use to visit it. Been almost 24 hours. Tried redeploying but nothing different.

Expected behavior

Should open the page

Actual behavior

Doesn’t load it, instead says can’t get a secure connection

Steps to reproduce

Go to my domain and load the website




Max OS,Windows

Device if mobile



Core Membership

To add to this, it says LetsEncrypt cert is expired as of 24 hours ago . This should auto renew, right? But it’s not refreshed. Is there any way to force it?

I believe you submitted a private ticket with us @rupertf and it might be easier to sort out there. We’ll look into it.

I did and thank you - fixed now. I’ll close this.

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