Can´t deploy a Replit because, according to the log file, the Project does not exist

Code runs perfectly in the Repl when I hit the RUN button. I am serving a webserver and listening on port 1337. I am using Gunicorn (instead of the flask default webserver). Everything runs fine, but when I hit the Deploy button, after some minutes the installation hits a Timeout.

In the logs tab the only error is:
5 NOT_FOUND: Project does not exist: replit-user-21XXXXXXX

I am facing the same issue as well with a fastapi uvicorn webserver

I’m getting the same error trying to deploy a Flask Repl:


I’m running into a similar issue trying to get a simply flash + gunicorn server setup

Hey everyone, I believe I’ve fixed this error now. What this means is that your deployment failed before it got to the promote step, and because the VM was never created there isn’t anything to show under the logs tab. We’ve also changed the logging backend to something a little more performant and hopefully more robust. Please retry and let me know if you still see the message.