Can’t add nextcord package to replit

Hello, I’m trying to migrate my discord bot from Discloud to Replit, tho when I use pip install nextcord I get an error (Image attachment) and when I try to install it in the package section It says it’s installed but it actually isn’t(doesnt show up in the package section and also the remove button doesnt appear)
How can I resolve? This is the error I get.

Followup Error:

if youre using python try pip uninstall package_name if using node.js try npm uninstall package_name or in tools click on packages and remove nextcord

Pulling from an older post of @UMARismyname’s.

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I did, seems to work only with version 2.0.0 of nextcord

Try what I linked, and see if you can update/install the latest version of nextcord then.

Do you even use the replit package? If not then just remove it altogether. It does not cause any problems.
Remove it only if you dont use it