Can someone help package my python project for PyPi?

Can someone help me package my python project? I would like to distribute it to PyPi but I don’t know how to do it.

Here is the link to the project:

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I think I made a template to make PyPi publishing easy, I’ll check when I can.

Edit: found it, here:

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Hey @MilesWK!

I also made a resource here on Replit Ask for just this →

Just a note @SalladShooter, your guide doesn’t work if someone has 2FA enabled for their PyPi account (like me, and IIRC it’s being enforced soon).

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@Firepup650 Wait, does that mean that your template will work even if I don’t have a PyPI account with 2-FA?

I think his template will work, but the tool that @SalladShooter created will not work, sadly!

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Yes, though it still makes you generate a token for uploading the package, it’s more secure anyways.