Can someone help me with my code please (School assignment)

IDK how to code a nested list with negative numbers and I need help! Will someone please help me I have a Python test literally tomorrow!

Hi @ChloeWongCW , could you provide more details on the problem you are facing?

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@ChloeWongCW is this a school related assignment? Also like @NateDhaliwal said can you provide context in the format given:

Repl Link:

Code Snippet:

code snippet

your trying to create a 2D list (matrix) with negative numbers? It’s just like creating any list. A 2D list is just a list with another list at each position:

x = [[-1, -2, -3], [-4, -5, -6], [-7, -8, -9]]

that’s about it


@SalladShooter yea it is and im doin python 202 test today but how do i make the nested list so that i can pick out the elements and separate each one and put the integers and floats in 2 different files

oh wait, it’s ok, i found out already.

thanks for the help.

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