Can someone help me put a 5 second video as my background on my site

**Question:Can someone help me put a 5 second video as my background on my site

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This site will answer your question, and explains how it works!!

Good luck!

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Still kind of lost im not sure where to put the video link and stuff:/

Could you send a link to your repl?

Yes here also it is a proxy but its not against tos because its not directed towards school.

but you see how my background is a picture im not sure what code to put to change that to a video i have saved

Yeah I see that, If you would like a video to explain it reference this. It’s not the easiest to explain all the steps here lol, but this should do what you need it to.

Hi @ATK-TREY , I might be misunderstanding the page linked at the bottom, but this clearly directs proxies towards schools. Which would be against Replit TOS.

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either way, it would technically be against ToS (which says any, not ‘school’) but just unlikely to be removed


Either Replit staff or site mods say that they only remove and take actions on proxies that are “advertised” to students.


This is true that is a site directed to school proxies therefore advertising and i realized that so most of there proxies i have made them take down everything else on the site are tips and tricks

Hello, I’m a bit late. You could change the video format to GIF and set it as the background.

body {
  background-image: url("video.gif");
  background-size: cover;

Convert it using this tool: MP4 to GIF | CloudConvert

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