Can someone help in programming JS?

I have like three big projects in mind but I’m having some trouble trying to implement them

  • Not really needing external libs such as phaser,p5,or three,but maybe,if we can’t really implement the desired effect,maybe three.js+cannon.js is okay
  • Not needing fancy textures or image files,using circles and rects and lines and text would work
  • I am online between UTC 5:00 to 9:00 or 10:00 to 13:00,please dont be only online in the middle of the night for me(e.g no utc 17:00)
  • Just a fun project,so
    • I might write code with poor code quality(no comments,black boxes leaking,etc)
    • No one’s gonna get paid for this project

I’d be happy to help with some JS, although I live in Australia, but luckily it seems our timezones somewhat align; 3pm for me is 5pm UTC.



no comments != poor code quality if you ask me, lol

So what exactly is the project?


it is noon for me now :slight_smile:
ps:yes,another friend i know is @danielthebanana4 who also lives in australia and gets a 2 hour difference on time(i dont think that its utc-2 tho,i think its utc+10)
ig i can create that repl now
edit:Time in Australia now - tells me that australia uses utc+11 and it is pi approximation day today—good luck to those who celebrate pi day on 3/14,6/28,and 7/22 LOL

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im thinking of a mixup of two of my projects:rocket simulator and bond physics,so that i can make a better rocket simulator with craft building and multiple crafts support (and proper fuel and staging)


I live in Australia and my timezone is UTC + 8

Also can I help?

Yes :smiley: