Can Replit execute .rpm or .deb files? How?

Can Replit run .rpm or .deb files? Replit runs on Linux, so it should be able to execute those files because those files are for Linux. All in all, can you do it, if so, how?

Those are package files, so I don’t think you can execute them in the first place. You can use nix to install packages on replit.

@dragonhunter1 They are executable. They are examples of Linux equivalents to the Windows .exe. .rpm is for Red Hat, Fedora, OpenSuse, etc.; and .deb is for Debian and its derrivatives, such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, ZorinOS, etc. There is also the .appimage, which works across several Linux distributions and is guaranteed to work freestanding without any installation.


@doxr Welcome to the Replit forums! I don’t think this is possible with Replit. There are some Repls that run a Debain console where you can install software from repositories, but it’s not too useful (limited to command-line only without a desktop environment). You can add packages using nix and the replit.nix file as dragonhunter1 said.

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