Can Replit Desktop App Access Local Services?

Hello i want to to confirm whether the Replit desktop app allows you to use local server settings

  1. Does the Replit desktop app have the capability to access local services running on the same machine?
  2. Can I use localhost or as the host IP when running code in the Replit desktop app to connect to services like an IB Gateway running on the same machine?

Welcome to Ask! At this time the Replit desktop app is just a slightly enhanced version of the website, and you cannot access anything local. It has the same limitations as the website in that sense. Now, there are some keyboard shortcuts on the desktop app that the website doesn’t have (can’t have, due to common browser shortcuts and whatnot), but you have to design your Repl the same way you would on the website. Being able to run local code has been suggested before but not implemented yet.