Can replit compile to .APK file?

Can Replit compile code to Android (or iOS) executables ?
This is a repeat question…
… But the forum says " The info in this post might be out of date, check out our docs instead. View docs "

…and nothing I found on the thread, or Replit docs seem helpful for compiling mobile apps, written in Java/C++/Cython/etc.

Hi @NeelGupta8 , welcome to the forums!
I believe you cannot use .apk files in Replit. Maybe take a look at this topic?

Hope this helps!

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That topic is about running APK files, this topic is about compiling APK files.

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I was talking about compiling/exporting . APK files from code written in Java/C++/Cython/etc.
(NOT about running . APK files on Replit)

I don’t have specific knowledge on this but it should work like normal, but executing is probably not something you can do. Maybe just try it and see?

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