Can Replit be used offline?

Does Replit work offline if I disconnect for a 2 hour period without shutting off my device or changing the tab?

Hey @RYLEYLAPALME welcome to the forums!

You are able to code offline if you opened it while you have a connection but it will NOT save or run while you are offline.

I might make a new post for this, but Replit should actually have offline support.

Within a browser this is not really possible (it is to an extent through caching, but only to an extent). Replit has as much offline support as is possible.

You can code offline, but it won’t save your work. If you really want to code in the browser and offline, you might want to take a look at Stackblitz (sorry replit :sweat:)

Replit is soon going to support SSH, meaning you can make changes to your repl from your local machine.