Can REPL be made fast enough to be usable in class?

I tried opening the Kotlin interpreter in class (kotlinc-jvm), and it felt like it took more than 5 second just to start. The speed is okay now on the weekend, but it’s maxing out the CPU before I even enter an expression, and I’m concerned it may not be practical to try to use kotlinc-jvm for live demos in class during US school hours, when I assume the demand is greatest . Running a simple program also pins the CPU.

I’m willing to pay for boosts, but I’m not sure the promised 2x speedup will be enough to make it usable, and my students won’t have the boosts (unless they can use mine as a team member). What has people’s experience been?

Hi @espertusnu thanks for your message.

Sorry to hear you haven’t had a good experience using Replit recently and I’m interested to hear others thoughts too. Maybe it’s my region (UK) but I’m not hitting max CPU at all using it in class with Python, HTML+CSS or PHP. Perhaps it is Kotlin related? Have you tried other templates to find out if it’s maxing out here too?

Thanks for the reply. I found the problem: I was running as an individual, not from a Team that I created (from within the individual account). I hadn’t realized there was a difference.

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