Can not enter custom amount in Hindi numerals

Problem description:
Can not enter custom amount in Hindi numerals if you are running on an Arabic SW on mac.

Expected behavior:
Enter custome amount

Actual behavior:
not able to enter more than 1 digit

Steps to reproduce:
Create a bounty, try to buy cycles, then add custome amount. Your device has to be running in Arabic.

Bug appears at this link:

macOS Ventura

I wanted to upload a video, but this is not an option here.

@ahmadszeid Maybe you can convert the Hindi numerals to normal numbers for Replit to process?

I tried that but it was not accepting the Arabic numerals as well. It recognizes the language of the SW on which your device is running and forces your to use, which is not working. This is another bug because there are 2 number formats from which a user can choose on iOS and macOS. So Replit is forcing the user into one format.