Can I use Replit link webview as a middleware?

Hi there! I would like to know if I can use replit webview in PROD as a middleware to convert code of a system in export csv. It is working well but I don´t know if it will stop in one moment. I saw that the files exported are kkeping here and there is a capacity od CPU, RAM, Storage.
Estimated export and generated files is 100-500 per month.
Has anyone used it like this?

Possibly. Turn off code intelligence in your “production” repl: in the sidebar, click ⋮ > Show hidden files, and remove the languageServer section in the .replit file. Add your repl’s webview URL to This will keep the response time low but with some small downtimes

I’ve not tried it personally, but you’ll probably find that an AWS Lambda or something similar would be a more suitable service for APIs like this.