Can I upgrade the 2G storage limit?

Can I upgrde 2GB storge. I want to run my private blockchain. I need more then 2GB overtime.

I don’t think this is currently possible but to work around you could use a storage API, e.g. Google Drive. You could store things in the .. path so they’re in a different partition with more storage, but the files would disappear when the repl reboots, which inevitably does happen.


Hi @ditholease please keep an eye out for updates regarding storage in the coming weeks. Hopefully the new solution will be exactly what you need.


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I see 5gb+ now for hacker. But each replit is still 1GB only. How do I get that lager storage?

Boosting the repl will cause you to get more storage

Any updates on this? I already have hacker plan and boosted repl but quickly run out of space in my repl. Trying to do some lightweight ML apps and quickly run out of storage just when installing dependencies…

Storage is an issue and the y keep hinting at changes but so far we just see more restrictions.