Can I set a default layout (console on bottom) that is applied when students begin a submission? (Teams)

Hi all -

I teach programming classes and use Replit for students to work on assignments. So far it works pretty well, but I’d really like to have the console/shell at the bottom of the screen instead of the default off to the right-side. I’ve found that students aren’t paying much attention to clean code formatting, and I think it’s because with the 3 column layout text is wrapped in the code so they don’t even realize how bad it looks.

I have a mock student account, and even if I set up a bottom pane in the assignment, when my “student” account starts the project, it is still in the default view.

tl;dr - Is it possible to set up a default layout for assignments in Teams?


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As per my knowledge you can customize the windows of code, console, shell, web view etc but you need to do it manually for each account in this case your students need to do it on their own!

Your thought is very nice you can share feedback asking to include this feature with engineers from within repit to notify them about your scenario and what you want as solution.

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