Can I run VS Code in Replit?

Exactly what the question said. I’m asking this since I wanted to see how my workflow was influenced and if it was a better fit for me or not. Like, comparing highlighting, responsiveness, intellisence, etc… I also remember reading something about setting up VS Code in Replit in another forum. Thanks in advance!

Can you elaborate on what you mean by running VS code in Replit? Do you mean running all your code you currently use in VS code and moving it to Replit?

No I mean literally in the browser, like in the Replit window, like where the default editor would normally be.

So like this?

That is not possible.

Ah, so then could I install an extension of some sort to link the two? Also, thanks for answering so quickly!

To my knowledge, there is no extension to do that. I just put 2 screenshots together

OK, thank you dude! BTW, this forum rocks!

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Hi @Grimicron not sure if this is what you mean but if you fork the Repl below it should run a version of VSCode in the Repl.

EDIT: To load / save files use the VSCode-on-Cloud drive from within VSCode and then the data folder. Anything you put in there / save to there will appear in the data folder in your Repl.

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