Can I run Selenium on Replit? If I can, then how do I do it?

I want to scrape dynamically loaded sites in Replit. How can I do it?

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Hi @zaieem

Yeah, you can run Selenium on Replit (note that you will have to do stuff with Nix, like chromedriver is a nix package). I can give you projects of other people with selenium on replit if you want.


That would be great! Thank you!
By the way, I would like to use Selenium with Python.

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This seems to not be using nix, so this is not the best

I think this topic will be useful:

I had a deleted project (restored it) and it used selenium.

IIRC there is some Replit documentation too if I can find it I’ll edit this

Edit: can’t find any in docs but I did find this…
I know that’s selenium in general but it could be useful maybe idk

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Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

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Thanks a lot! It worked!!!

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