Can i run exe files?

Can i run exe files bec i need to run but dont know how

No, you cannot run exe files on Replit. Replit’s servers use Ubuntu Server (a Linux distribution), and only Windows machines can run exe files.


You cannot run exe files natively on Replit. There are workarounds though.

You could create a VM (such as QEMU) and host Windows (probably need to use a really old version of Windows unless you have Pro or something) in the VM to run exe files. Note that this is several layers of virtualization and so again unless you have a highly boosted repl will probably be slow.

Another method of running exe files would be to use wine, a Linux program that translates Windows API calls into Linux ones. This is not 100% functional but works in some cases to run Windows programs on Linux.

With both you’d have to configure some sort of graphical display for your repl (unless it was a command-line app). @9pfs1 created a Windows VM on a repl with web hosting once IIRC.

Regardless, running an exe file on Replit is not practical and you might want to look into alternatives.


It’s also worth noting that you probably can’t use Windows in a public repl without legal issues, as Windows is closed-source, and all repls use the MIT license.