Can I keyboard interrupt without a keyboard? (Kinda emergent)

I am a kind of guy who somehow don’t have a computer to use (like only once every month or something idk), and my iPad belongs to my school so I have an MDM, that banned me from installing app, including replit
So, I basically webpage replit on my iPad, which doesn’t have a physical keyboard and no ctrl C.

Now, I have a repl running for an hour hanging, my code is that it outputs when it receive keyboard interrupt, now somehow it can’t stop and I really don’t want to waste the hour worth of calculation, can I keyboard interrupt without a keyboard? (My repl still calculating at the background and refusing to show me the result lol plz help)

A bit of update

I successfully connected a Bluetooth keyboard to my iPad
Ctrl C, Ctrl Z and DEL somehow doesn’t work (ctrl C became new line wha? I thought it would be ^C)

Even a Bluetooth keyboard is a keyboard. Soooo, if you’re really ambitious, make a single (physical) button that sends input to your iPad Ctrl + C. So technically, yes, you can.