Can I host Strapi Backend for free on Replit?


I remember last year there was a big buzz about Heroku removing their free tier. I’m curious about making an app with StrapiCMS as it’s backend and yeah, the question is straightforward: Would Replit be an ideal place to host the backend?

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Coming straight to your question, Yes. Replit is suitable for hosting backend. I found a blog here by replit itself about cms if it helps.

Also thanks for telling about the word cms, I just came to know what cms is and I even knew one!!

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Include the trend please. @OtsoLap Yeah you can, if you want, I could help.

It all comes down to what you mean by ‘ideal’. Replit will host your backend code completely free, but it will not be private unless you pay (currently) 5 USD/month. It will also not always be ‘on’/running unless you pay 0.20 USD/day. And even then, they cannot guarantee 100% uptime. This is because Repls need to switch between clusters, and when they do, the Repl itself is rebooted. For an always on Repl, this means it’s stopped, then Replit starts running it again less than a minute later.


He could ping it with something like uptimerobot or any other pinger.

According to a comment by soren in the discord these may stop working in the future, so uptimerobots and pingers cannot be counted on.

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