Can I host software on replit

100 days of coding, nearing the end

I am wondering, am I able to host software/websites on replit and are they available for access 24/7?

I was thinking of creating a website/landing page for my profile/resume.

You can create a Repl that hosts your website, then deploy it using either the deployments tab or by pressing the deploy button which should be in the top right hand side of the screen. :smile:

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Thats amazing, and it’s free? o.o

No, static hosting is free, but that means no backend, no Python server. If you have the core plan you will get a number of compute units which are spent before you pay for the other two deployment types. Otherwise, it is not free.


This is so sad. Less than a year ago it was free

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So, unable to run scripts which take input/output?

not sure if allowed to ask about other cloud providers but how much would it cost to host a simple website, i.e mainly to display projects, no heavy compute, mainly python/java scripts, basic input/output

You can run them free of charge in the Repl workspace, you can’t host them without deploying.

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