Can I host a backup?

I recently left Replit and let me tell you that my account has not even expired and I am thinking of coming back. There are not many fish in the sea for me. I left in the belief - belief is a suspicion that is wrong - that I could not use a space intended for code to host my personal backup. I have a lot of PDFs and text because I write a lot for my job. And I write a lot for myself. But at the time, Reply didn’t have 10 GB in the basic account. That is a lot for a 2 GB backup. And I realize that I’m leaving - not really leaving - because I don’t want to break the incredible trust that the company has put in me by giving me free cookies. I respect those things. And if I ever want to be shady, I will pay for my own VPS or something. You know, you don’t want to break the law when you’re breaking the law — and then I realised I’d never asked for this before: to host a backup. So now I do. Can I borrow some Gigas, sir, to run my de-duplicated backup on? I read the policy and found out that I’m not allowed to host defamatory material on it… And how would the site know if it was defamatory or not if it was encrypted? And I cannot upload copyrighted works in plain text because, as the policy says, everything here belongs to everyone for as long as they need it. It’s easy to run ‘duplicati’ here, and I did for a few days. Traffic was low enough that it might have gone unnoticed. Then I turned it off because I was uncomfortable with the behavior. From a kn00b_0 who is now a kn00b_1 thanks to you, I ask: May I?

Hi @7407 thanks for your question.

I’ll tag in @qirtaiba here for further advice, but as far as Terms of Service are concerned:

This suggests that as long as it is content that you have created it doesn’t matter if it is not entirely code. Of course Repls can be used to hold a catalogue of documents, quite a few individuals and companies already do this (including Replit).

However you are held fully responsible for the User Content you upload:

The risk here is that you may lose your account if you were discovered to be backing up content which you do not have the right to upload. At that point you would not be able to get your files back.

Running an instance of Duplicati is not against Terms of Service, although you might have to be careful about hitting your egress limits on a free account. To be honest there are far easier ways to back up your files on MS OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. so before going any further I’d recommend to check these other options out re storage space and accessibility.


Exactly. Well, at the end of my post — I used to write very slowly in English — I find that I’m answering myself. And you are right that looking for space on the Internet today is like looking for space in the sky, that is also true. I guess I’m being asked about yours because we humans tend to cling to things like we cling to other humans, and because I feel like it would be great to back up my files here, but I know there’s no chance of that for the reason you’ve explained so well. If it were me, I would cook my food in replit. IDK man. I love you. And — like the other users I can see — we are very happy about the big upgrade. Very, very big. I have an account in community X and they are downgrading a lot, everything to 10% of the space. Still good for me and very useful. They gave me things like S3 endpoint and you know better than me, keys, api’s, different kind of access and of course space for my backups. But guys, this place is a blessing. Thanks for the answer and now I will not waste any more of your time. Have a nice day.


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