Can I hide the home "Following" feed from students?

There are some things on the home feed that are not school-appropriate at times. Is there a way that I can disable the home “Following” feed from being a distraction or temptation for students?

For example, there is currently a shooter game on the feed called “” I do not care in principle if it is on the feed as I think students need to learn digital citizenship skills, but my IT department will very possibly disagree. I do not want for all students to lose access because of a couple of students’ inability to follow directions.

Thank you!

Make the students use Firewalled Replit.

It’s essentially the same as main site Replit except the Community feature does not exist + most URLs cannot be fetched from a Repl (which also helps eliminate proxies/unblockers).

An issue with this however is that some browsers are thinking it’s malicious (which it isn’t), so if your school system blocks that then that probably won’t work.

IT Setup guide


Thank you! I will give that a shot!

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