Can I have some feedback?

Can someone please give some feedback on how my website looks im still working on it, it’s a website that’s free and its for learning to code the URL is

the url is


@RoboAlarmDev Welcome to the community!
You website is looking awesome so far! Maybe try using more professional fonts to go with the backgrounds and add some on-scroll animations.


Amazing website @RoboAlarmDev!

I would say maybe at the end of the page, change the colours so that it’s not just black and white.

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Thanks for the feedback

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oh and one thing i forgot to mention is that if you hovor over the words that are underlined and are in gold color it tells about it

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thanks for the feedback and how do you make scroll animations and what are they?

Hi @RoboAlarmDev !
Here are examples with tutorials:


I, personally, use AOS. I like it because of the ease of use. If you need some help using it, I’m happy to help!


If its ok can you help me a bit on the website im making?

homepage advice

advice 1

Terms and Conditions
The things on our website our
original such as the Roboalarmdev logo
and Don’t Fall Logo, you are not allowed to
save as any images on our website
or any courses you are not allowed to dowload the video
also you are not allowed to use any
of our courses/videos on another website and sell it for money
or just dowload the our videos/courses in general

a little more professional.
something more like this:

All content featured on our website, including but not limited to the Roboalarmdev logo and the Don’t Fall Logo, is protected by copyright. You are expressly prohibited from saving or downloading any images from our website or any of our courses. Furthermore, you are strictly prohibited from utilizing our courses or videos on any other website for commercial purposes, such as selling them for monetary gain, or downloading our videos and courses for any purpose without prior authorization.

advice 2
I would change

Who we are?


Who are we?

as IMO that just sounds better

advice 3
you should probably only add the popup definition for free once, at the top of the page (right where the first one is already) instead of the three times you have it on there.
And on second thought, you only really need the popup definitions the first time in the text they are needed as the text is so short.

advice 4
you should probably change





Game Development

advice 5
I would make your footer differentiated from the other text (what I mean is do something like changing the background color to a dark grey), as well as a little smaller.


actually tbh, you could probably just leave some of those out entirely. 99.99999% of people know what the word “Free” means


thanks for the feedback it was very helpful

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Of course! I know this is mainly just visual stuff, but I can offer code help as well in the future if you ever need any!
(that reminds me I forgot to send this:

easy scroll animation

here is a scroll animation I made, if you want you can just copy/paste it

Javascript(just put it inside tags on the page, or a global.js page):

// Get all anchor elements with the "scroll-link" class
const scrollLinks = document.querySelectorAll('.scroll-link');

// Add a click event listener to each scroll link
scrollLinks.forEach(link => {
    link.addEventListener('click', event => {
        event.preventDefault(); // Prevent default anchor behavior

        const targetId = link.getAttribute('href'); // Get the target ID from the link's href attribute
        const targetElement = document.querySelector(targetId); // Get the target element

        // Scroll smoothly to the target element
        if (targetElement) {
                behavior: 'smooth',
                block: 'start' // Scroll to the top of the target element

just add the class scroll-linkto the link

<a class="scroll-link" href="#the link">text you want displayed</a>


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Oh and Digital Kendra if its ok can you help me a bit on the website im making

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yessire I can.
If you want you can send me a message and we can talk there?
(first off: Did you make this on replit or a different platform?)

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@RoboAlarmDev I have already sent you a message.
EDIT: nvm firepup650 moved it

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Your website is good, but I would change the sizes of the tips on courses, or maybe make some of them short in length. Maybe make the links on the website cyan or other colors, and add a hover effect to change color when hovered over by the user.

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@RoboAlarmDev Would you like help implementing AOS and some CSS styling updates? I can also help with grammatical and spelling errors if you’d like. Just invite me to your repl and I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:
My Replit username is @RedCoder

Redcoder i invited you to the test replit i dont know how to implement AOS, thanks.