Can GhostWriter explain the entire project and generate documentation?

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):
Not able to run replit from VS code. Getting “Please open a repl first” message when hit run a Replit.

Hi @prasannaraghuna thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

Can you post a video or screenshot of what you are trying to do here please?

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We are trying to find out if we can do the code documentation for a full source code as against doing for a selected code snippet



Hi @prasannaraghuna thanks for your response but that doesn’t help here.

Can you explain the stages you are going through from VS Code to attempt to open a Repl, so that others can attempt to replicate your steps and see if there is an issue.

There is no issue as such. I am trying to figure out if there is a way or feature to generate the code documentation / explain code for the entire source code

Here are the steps

  • Open the source code (full project in VS code)
  • Try to find out if there is an option in Replit to generate the “code documentation or explain code”) for the entire source code
  • Currently, I am opening a file and then the select the code snippet → right click to explain the code documentation

Based on my initial analysis, I figured out it can “explain code” for the selected code snippet within a file.



Ok. I think I understand now.

You are importing code developed in VS Code into a Replit project and then attempting to use Ghostwriter to explain the entire project and therefore generate documentation. Is that correct?

Yes. I would like GhostWriter to explain the entire project and generate documentation instead of me opening file by file and click on “Explain Code”

Is this feature available ?

Hi @prasannaraghuna thank you for confirming this is what you were asking. I’ll update the topic text to reflect this.

The feature is not available at present but if you would like I could move this into the Feature Requests category for future consideration?

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