Can anyone solve this problem for me?

Draw a flowchart and write pseudocode to represent the logic of the following programs

Program requests a color (Blue or Red) and a mode (Steady or Flashing) as input

color = input("Enter the color (BLUE or RED): ")
mode = input("Enter the mode (STEADY or FLASHING): ")
color = color.upper()
mode = mode.upper()             
result = ""
# Analyze responses and display weather forecast.
if color == "BLUE":
    if mode == "STEADY":
        result = "Clear View."
    else:  # mode is FLASHING
        result = "Clouds Due."
else:      # color is RED
    if mode == "STEADY":
        result = "Rain Ahead."
    else:  # mode is FLASHING
        result = "Snow Ahead."
print("The weather forecast is", result)

I’m sorry, is this homework?


yes, it’s a homework

@MA2120000 it works fine for me. When you’re typing in the inputs put full caps like your code is looking for. Python is case sensitive.

It doesn’t work for me could you please upload the picture?



What doesn’t work? Is this a logic error or something Python actually raised?

Also, was this developed on Replit? If so, a link could be helpful, as something with Replit’s configuration could be malformed.


@bobastley it is homework so we can only provide limited help for them.