Can anybody explain this?

Screenshot 2023-01-16 08.34.48
I got this ~10 minutes ago and am wondering why I received this. My guess is that it’s a placeholder for some other achievement.


I’m working on a bot. In the past Ian has needed to download a bunch of data sort it then grant the monthly badge manually. I am almost down with the bot to do it automatically I just need to fix it getting rate limited

Alright! So then this is a test achievement that the bot created, I would assume?

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No Ian made the badge so I can play around with it. But I can make it so the bot makes the badge as well though its not worth it since making a badge is easy.

And there is going to be another batch in the next hour or so of people getting the badge. I need to manually take the badge away from everybody since I don’t want to go on meta and look how to do it automaticly.


The bot is done and is working so the badge will be deleted once Ian logs on for the day and nobody will be awarded any more test badges (for now at least)


Except I just ran the code and awarded everyone “BackToTheLab” :laughing:


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