Can a person return a sold account with subscription?

If someone sells me an account with a subscription
can he return it?

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First: You shouldn’t really buy Replit accounts - they could have been linked to some malicious practices

Second: Yes they can - the person who sells the account could log you out by changing an account property (such as password). No one but yourself is responsible if this happens to you.

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I don’t think so. Since the topic was mostly about the first question, I think the answer to that should be marked.

Edit: Well UMAR split the posts (why didn’t I think of that :woman_facepalming:) so I guess this is kind of useless now


I’m not sure about that, but one thing I should point out is that buying accounts is a really bad idea. Also check the TOS as well because it might not be allowed in the first place. Also when you sign out, are talking about them returning the subscription?

If he has the password to the account and knows how to log in to it, he could still log in and cancel the subscription I think. But I’m begging you to please not buy accounts!