Camel Case vs Snake case

Main thing is, if you program as hobby, you can do what you want and have fun … i mean, i have been forced to change eventually (and suffer when i change language as i mix and match till my old brain remembers the proper styling).

PS: I am QWERT pain with my spelling mix ups … even if i try to fix them.

Why not? I thought using tabs rather than spaces takes up less bytes? even if it does replace it with spaces then…why does it matter if I do or don’t?

Only thing I can advice is to never enter such discussion, some people are very religious about it (not me)

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Using spaces is simply just recommended over tabs

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Camel case, of course




Camel :camel:

case :luggage:

That might be hard for other languages, in nim the standard indentation size is 2, and I always have to switch it in my settings when switching between projects.

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