C++ repl refuses to allow files to open or be downloaded with .replit error

(when I say “function files” I mean the .h files containing all my functions and the main file)
Problem Description:
all my C++ repls(current ones minus any newly created ones) are unable to run and the files that hold all the main functions are refusing to allow me to view or download them, so I am unable to just create a new C++ repl.

Expected behavior:
I expect replit to allow me to access all the files and allow me to run the repl, but it just pops up saying to restart the repl after going to any large function files. (by large I mean large I only have the functions split from the main file because I couldn’t keep track of it all)

Actual behavior:
the c++ repl would run and not prevent me from using any free features. (like running/opening the repl or downloading files)

Steps to reproduce:
you should only need to click run on the repl to receive an error saying it was unable to wake up, and forking it is were you see the error related to the .replit file. also, if you look at the files the majority of the files don’t open. (feel free to fork it to test if it is just me or if the .replit file is messed up)
this is the error message:

building nix env: problem reading '.replit' file: failed to open .replit: open .replit: input/output error

Bug appears at this link:

Browser: google
OS: ?
Device: Chromebook
Desktop app version: NA
Plan: Free

also, I am unable to access the .replit file