C# bash: syntax error near unexpected token


Whenever I type a simple print function into the console, it gives me an error message: “bash: syntax error near unexpected token”.
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I just ran your code and everything is fine.

Are you using the “Run” button?

(Remember that you can’t run C# code directly in a bash shell)

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Just to clarify:

Shell (or bash), is an interpreter. Interpreter reads commands entered by the user and executes them. Bash is designed to understand commands written in the bash scripting language.

C#, is a statically-typed, compiled language. It has a very different syntax from bash.
So when you try to run C# code directly in a bash, the bash tries to interpret the C# code as if it were bash commands, and since the syntax and commands of C# are entirely different from bash, bash will say “dafugg am I reading” and gives you a syntax error.


Previously, I was using the Run Button, however, I have noticed that the issue was that every time I entered a command into the console the program was already over therefore accidentally compiling the C# code into bash.

thanks for the clarification @WindLother :slight_smile:

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