C++20 template?

I see the official template uses C++14, any other template or way supporting C++20?


Do either of these work for you?

C++20 - Replit
C++20 - Replit


Will check later today, hopefully yes!

One of them looked fake but just in case I still sent it XD.

If your using GCC, just pass in -std=c20 when compiling. There’s also the next-generation standard (not yet finished, likely to be named C23) available as -std=c2x. You can read about the changes on Wikipedia.

If it would be easier for you, I’m willing to help you out.

no i can manage is gcc alreasy supports it. C++23 is not stable enough for me to play with it yet

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well … looks like it works only in shell and some libraries are missing for gpp20 to work. I will check if one of those templates work as i am lazy :slight_smile:

Oh wait, I misread the post. Do -std=c++20 instead.

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the first seems to work.

same, it works in shell but not run button Iwhich is ok) but the issue is missing libraries that C++20 needs together with gcc 10 or later (checked on stackoverflow)
Thanks anyhow!

Glad I could help you! :smiley:

Try adding pkgs.glibc and pkgs.glibc.dev to replit.nix

Will try, thanks. After dinner

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Did not work, i will stick to the template for the time being

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