Bye. (for now?)

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NOO. In a few years?? We want you back frien.

I feel you. It’s only Replit Ask where I can talk (for now). Besides, I’ll do a Farewell Q&A for questions (as the repl stated).


What were you community banned for?

Respect my privacy, please! :lock:


Sorry. I didn’t know that.

Not tryna be rude but I have no clue who you are XD.

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Why are you saying “bye” in #welcome:introductions…?


Why is everyone leaving xd new trend?

I don’t think they were ever here, to begin with… They went 2 months without posting anything lol. Also, I have never seen them on main site before.

;-; I set amogus trends

I (failed to) start tyrun trend (lel)

I was dumb at the time, and chose the most popular channel for no dumb appearant reason.

Welp, better get deving (for the last time)!

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Maybe? Haven’t seen any people leaving in awhile in the time you posted this…

idk u but i feel sad…

Y’all do you even read the repl I stated at the start?

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Yes… You said you were leaving and that you would come back in a few years and now you are here after 5 days…