"Bun." autocompletes to "BigUint64Array."

Problem description

When I try to type “Bun.” it is autocompleted to “BigUint64Array.”

Expected behavior

“Bun.” should not autocomplete to “BigUint64Array.”.

Actual behavior

“Bun.” autocompletes to “BigUint64Array.”

Steps to reproduce

Create a new Bun Repl and type “Bun.”





Device if mobile



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Where are you typing this? This seems expected. The “B” matches exactly, then “U” and “N” are in “Uint”

They said in

As for

Built-in bun functions start with Bun. I’m guessing?

Yes. Built in functions start with Bun.. For example, Bun.file() and Bun.serve().

Well, you could just not press Tab or Enter.
Anyway, it’s not a bug.

I’m asking, if they were typing in a different than main file, or the Shell, etc.

How does that relate to the part you quoted?

I didn’t do either. The period made it autocomplete.

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The bug is probably actually that “.” causes autocompletion.

I was in the main file.