Bulk Removing Students from team

This may be too niche of a feature request, but…

In our free online class, we have students complete a pre-lesson before they complete their enrollment and are invited to orientation. This is mostly to make sure they’re able to follow directions or watch a video, so that students who enroll are likely to succeed in the fairly demanding class.

I use the same TFE team for the students in Lesson 0 and the course post-enrollment. I’d like to remove students who did not actually enroll in the course. Right now, I have to find and click X on every such student. It’d be nice if I could bulk-remove, or (transparently) bulk re-add the correct set of students by email, without them getting removed and re-added, as that would trigger a potentially confusing set of notifications.

Could be that the class-management features aren’t high on the priority list, or that adding this feature is too weird in the UI, which is understandable. If it could be added, that’d save me lots of finicky switching between chrome tabs and hunting for students in the UI!


Yes, it would be a lot easy, but for now I prefer making list of all students and o ky adding who really want to join by making confirmed students list in csv and then uploading at once.

Yeah, we are using a project to make that determination, so that workflow doesn’t work for us. We could do that ‘trial run’ in a separate team, but then students have to join another replit team, and there’s more management overhead.

Might just be no good way to do it nice; the fallback is to just let students stay in the replit team, even if they aren’t in the class. Not the end of the world.