Bulk Download Education Team Individual Repls

Replit Teams for Education is fantastic! I describe it as the “Google Docs for Coding” and I love your support in that. It saved us during covid and now I use it daily with hundreds of high school students a year.

Here in Canada we’re often required to achieve student assignments (digital especially) for a couple of years for auditing purposes. Could you please allow the bulk downloading of all repils in a team? (even if it needs to be via each individual assignment)?

I’m sure this would help others, and it would double as an easy way for teachers to send the assignments to MOSS or something of that sort.

Thank you!


Why is archiving the team not good enough for this? You still have access to all the info with in it.

When achieved via district methods it is no longer only accessible via a direct teacher or various platforms. They have everything in one place accessible by all of admin, including in the event the teacher left the district and the accounts were no longer accessible.

Personally I download them manually (appending .zip to the end of each students repos) for both this AND to send to MOSS. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would like to be able to download all the repl content of students for an assignment.


What does this mean? I was talking about through Replit

I think I understand what @McDowell_ND is saying. If I’m using Teams for assessment purposes I download the student websites / programs as zip files in case their work is moderated at a later point. The moderators would not have access to Replit Teams as they would be external to the school so providing a link to a shared folder in e.g. Sharepoint or Google Drive is required.

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@IanAtReplit has it right. Downloading assignments gives me a snapshot in time of everything when I assessed. I’d store these in Sharepoint for admin or anyone else that was auditing or revisiting the students situation in the future.