Build Java Curriculum on Replit using files from CSAwesome

Derrick McMillan and Lena Sawyer say they are happy to the CSAwesome Community publish resources for using their AP CSA (Java) assignments on Replit.

They said, “We can dedicate a good chunk of time setting this up in Teams for Education in Aug and Sep. Please start a thread here:

So, here’s the thread! Let’s see how this work. I’m a longtime user (HTML / CSS / JS) but haven’t used it for Java yet, and am just joining the CSAwesome community to teach in the upcoming year.


I love CSAwesome - let’s do it!

Runestone has a lot of neat exercises like Parsons Problems, Multiple Choice, Autograding… not all of those are necessarily helpful to convert to Replit.

What resources would make the most sense to convert? What is highest leverage in your mind? Are there any particular review exercises or units that are most salient?



A CodingRooms person on the CSAwesome Google Group shared a CodingRooms classroom with all the auto-graded 2020 FRQ (free response questions, so text instructions to code something) from the AP CSA curriculum (not CS Awesome, which is an application of that curriculum of course).

You can use [this link to copy that classroom](Coding Rooms](Error during processing.) directly into your free codingrooms account and customize it.

So students would code their responses in codingrooms and submit them to their teachers. The Gradebook where grades would be stored comes with a paid codingrooms account, though.

I’m not the right guy to take this further, though. I know Java, but not the CSAwesome curriculum and resources yet, and certainly not what else codingrooms is working on.

A list veteran who has been working with Coding Rooms is John Bartucz, and while I don’t feel comfortable putting his email address here, you can connect with him: He says he’s set up an autograder to work with these FRQs - I don’t know how that would work. I’ll ask him if he’s willing to sign up on here and do his own reply.

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