Bug with running my repl

When i click on the Run botton nothing happens, absolutely nothing. No mistake, just a stop button to become run again

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The run button by default runs the main.py. Do you have a main.py? Or is your code in another file?
This can be changed btw

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Hello! The issue you are getting may be caused by your Wi-Fi/Network connection.

Yes, main.py. Also i press the button and nothing

Can you send a link to your Repl?

can you share the repl so i can have a look?

Can you provide the link to your replit? That way we can try to run the code you are creating.

i’m so sorry but this repl are confidential

it’s my run file

Then can you send a link to a minimal Repl that reproduces the issue?

any errors. file simply don’t run

If you have anything you would like to keep secret, use the Secrets feature:

(this link is to a timestamp) 7 Features on Replit You Might Not Know About - YouTube


did you try to run it from the shell and see if it works?


All done. My file be into folder
Now all working

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