Bug with account system and cycles in Repl.it

the issue:

I was trying to cancel ghostwriter. I deactivated ghostwriter thinking this would stop the billing. I was billed for it, I checked account again and realized I had to cancel cycles subscription itself. I canceled the 1,000 cycles subscription to stop being billed for ghostwriter in the future since I was told cycles are unrefundable. Before and after using ghostwriter I have been a Hacker plan paying member. Fastforward to today, I just happened to check my repls and saw that my repls that should be “always on” were all turned off, further investigation showed that my Hacker plan got turned off. I never did anything at all related to my Hacker plan membership. I was also just billed for my Hacker plan again on the 7th (a week ago). This is obviously a bug or severe error and I don’t know how to get a fast response. I emailed/submitted bug but who knows when that will get a response. I seem to have the option to buy a brand new Hacker plan membership but I just paid for this month .

Expected behavior:
My hacker plan never ever should have gotten canceled. All I did was cancel the cycles subscription that was feeding the Ghostwriter subscription.

Actual behavior:
My hacker plan got deactivated somehow despite my just paying for it and now my always on repls are not working as they should.

Steps to reproduce:
account issue, see explanation for possible causes.

mac os


Thank you @avataraustin I’ve messaged the Replit team to ask for someone to contact you.

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Hey Austin, I emailed you and your issues should be resolved now. Sorry for all the troubles.

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