Bug where I can't view the preview of any website I'm building

Problem description:
I am using Repl to learn html/css/javascript to learn how to build websites. When I load up any Repl I cannot view the preview of the website I am making, getting the error " 2c07bad2-6e61-476f-989e-ab8030583a01.id.repl.co sent an invalid response." I’ve seen a few other posts with this issue but no definite resolutions. I’ve already tried clearing a cache, opening the repl in incognito, restarting my computer, and turning the wifi off and on again. I have no idea what else I can do.

Expected behavior:
Show the preview of the website

Actual behavior:
Show s a white screen with a small error message

Steps to reproduce:
No clue, I think it’s a network problem on Replit’s end

Bug appears at this link:

Google Chrome/Windows 11/ASUS computer;

Never mind, it somehow fixed itself. I am very confused… I guess the only solution is to wait and refresh as much as possible? Either way, this bug is sill rather annoying


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