Bug w restoring team repl

When I go to restore one of my repls from my team @beliefs, it says “Error: canceling statement due to statement timeout.” Can you tell me why this is happening? This repl desperately needs to be restored.

Most likely a bug in either your Repl or Replit. I would look through your Repl and look for possible bugs.

How do you expect me to search through a repl that doesn’t exist? Perhaps you didn’t read the bug report.

Ah, sorry about that. Do you have it backed up on GitHub or somewhere else?

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@not-ethan any ideas?

Hey @functionally!

Can you please tell me the name/link of the repl so I can dig into why this is happening?

It was called “Server” and it was a Python-based server for a project I was working on with some friends. Which was supposed to be a terminal-based social media app for all users to chat, post, follow, and generally enjoy their time on the app.

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Thanks! It looks like this is an issue with the CLUI tool because the Repl still exists, the tool just isn’t finding it.

I have a change that is waiting for review by the team, but I will let you know once that is released to production!

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That is incredible, thank you.

@ShaneAtReplit, the issue was resolved, and I was able to retrieve the repl. Thank you for looking into this for me.


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