Bug Report: Self-upvoting in Replit

Bug Description:

Currently, it is possible for users to upvote their own content on Replit, which can be seen as cheating and an unfair practice.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Replit Ask.
  2. Post content, such as a feature request.
  3. Click on the upvote button next to your own content.

Expected Result:

The user should not be able to upvote their own content, and the upvote button should be disabled for their own posts.

Actual Result:

The user is able to upvote their own content, which can lead to unfair practices and an unbalanced voting system.

Additional Information:

This bug can be fixed by disabling the upvote button for the user’s own conten. This will ensure a fair and balanced voting system on Replit.

If I created the choice, I clearly want it. If I want it, I would vote for it if somebody else did it, so why would I not vote for it if I did it? This isn’t voting for yourself for president, it is showing that you care about getting a certain feature. This is not a bug. I would like to respectfully disagree with your opinion.


Yah I def agree with u :slight_smile:

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