Bug report regarding console

Input from user not visible in console

Hey @JayeshSonawane3!

Can you please fill out the bug report template so we can get more information on this issue?


Console text bugs , some of the letters and numbers are not displayed.
When I type any numbe as an input in the console, the respective digit is not visible even if it is typed.After the execution of program the text that has been given as an input starts appearing. (Repel Id : JayeshSonawane3 , Windows 11 , Chrome browser)

Thanks! We will look into this and will let you know if we have any updates.

I was not able to reproduce this issue. Can you please try:

  1. Disabling all of your browser extensions and/or using incognito mode?
  2. Using a different browser
  3. Using a different device

Please let me know if any of the steps work or don’t work, and we will take another look!


Hi @JayeshSonawane3 , welcome to the forums!
Is it possible that you are typing too quickly? The Console is a little slow sometimes.

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