Bug? Pressing tab navigates away from editor pane instead of inserting indent

For whatever reason if I press tab it jumps me out of the editor window instead of providing an indent…
I know tab is used for navigating ui’s but it shouldn’t jump you out of a document you are actively working in. I’m finding myself having to hit the space bar 4 times in a row to indent instead of pressing tab like a sane setup would allow.

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can you send a screen recording of the issue? pressing tab to indent works fine for me.


well that’s strange. why isn’t there auto-indent?

Beats me. I know it works on my old 8 year old macbook with a dead battery, I know it works on this same desktop when I boot from a Windows 11 partition I installed briefly (yuck) to isolate this bug. Together this tells me it’s not caused by a profile setting in replit.

What I also know is it did this on Kubuntu 23.10, and I’ve since wiped and installed Kubuntu 24.04 and have the same issue right out of the box. So it’s not related to any system changes that I make. An out of the box install is all it takes to replicate.

I’ve tested in Chrome, FireFox, Brave, Opera. The issue is browser agnostic.

To make matters worse, the Linux Desktop app segfaults when launching so I can’t use that as an alternative.

I may have to request a refund and cancel this course I signed up for as I’m required to use Replit and I can’t get it to do basic editor functionality…like indentation.

I’m dis-heartended by the lack of reply from replit. I’ve emailed them about this in the past. Issue been going on for over a year.

recently a lot of the support team has been laid off so unfortunately this forum doesn’t get much attention from staff

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I wouldn’t really say that.
Also, some Replit Staff are just not around temporarily, but I’m sure they’ll be back soon.

Problem description

Pressing tab while working in a document causes me to switch ui context rather than indent.

Expected behavior

Pressing tab should indent

Actual behavior

It selects a ui element outside the editor window.

Steps to reproduce

Open replit in any browser (Chrome, firefox, etc) on a Linux based OS
Open a project, start working on a document, ensure focus is in the edit window, that typing places characters in the document… then press tab. You’ll jump out of the edit window to another ui element.

Works fine on Windows and MacOS, however I don’t want to use those OS’s.


I’ve tested every browser imaginable.



Device if mobile



free tier

Was able to replicate on another machine running KDE. Mind you no other web apps/text editors behave this way.

Still happening, still frustrating

@nofunever Hi there. I can submit a bug to our team on your behalf.

What would help is if you could tell me what Linux distros you’ve tested so far? Would you mind trying a standard Ubuntu? We don’t officially support the majority of the Linux distros which makes it tricky to get bug fixes prioritized, but I can make a case for the more popular ones like Ubuntu.

I’ve tried two versions of Kubuntu and KDE Neon

Ill partition a spare drive this evening and throw Ubuntu, Fedora and maybe one other popular distro on it so I can provide more test data. Happy to lend my time if someones willing to look into the problem.

Thank you Suzie, super appreciated.

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