Bug on Search Bounties Textfield

Problem description:
The search textfield on the bounties page is not very user friendly.
What it seems like doing is making a backend call on every keystroke, so when you type fast, some of the initial keystrokes go missing.
For example, if you type “asdf” fast enough, you will see only “f” on the textfield.

Expected behavior:
The characters should not go missing when typing fast.

Suggested solution:
Instead of making a backend call on every keystroke, wait for sometime (about a second), if we get any keystrokes before the timeout, register that and update the time, else make the backend call after timeout.

Benefits of suggested solution:

  1. It will enhance user experience as no characters will go missing.
  2. It will reduce the backend calls drastically.

Browser/OS/Device/Plan (Hacker, Pro, N/A):
Found this issue in Brave Browser, not checked any other browser.


I use Chrome and this bug also occurs.
Thanks for bringing it up!

Hey @PrateekSrivas20, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reporting this, I will let some staff members know.

One more thing, I have removed this section of your post:

As it has nothing to do with the bug.