Bug in Day24 of 100 days of Python

On Day24 of 100daysofPython, the following is given as correct code. I’m still learning so please correct me if i’m wrong but the bolded line(line 6) is not properly indented and will cause that line to be printed every time.

def pizza_order(topping1, topping2):
  if topping1 == "pepperoni":
    print(topping1, "is a great choice")
    print(topping1, "is kinda lame on pizza")
  print(topping2, "sounds delicious, much better than", topping1) # <- This one

topping1 =  input("Name a pizza topping. ")
topping2 = input("Name a second pizza topping. ")

pizza_order(topping1, topping2)

Also not related but the tag for “replit-tutorials” is not correctly spelt.

Thank you.

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I think that was intended behavior.

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Unmarking my post as the solution. I misread the code, this does look like a bug.

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i thought it was intended, let’s check…

ok assume pizza_order("pepperoni", "pineapple")

after human computer, result should be:

pepperoni is a great choice
pineapple sounds delicious, much better than pepperoni

ok yea it is a bug

also yea replit tutorials is spelt wrong lol

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Yes if this is given as solution is a bug. Well seen.