Bug causing console to show code all over the place on Mac using Chrome

Problem description:
Running into an issue with the console when running code. The text from the code disappears, shows the blinking line and overall causes it difficult to see the output

Expected behavior:
Should work as expected with all data appearing and not disappearing.

Actual behavior:
It hides text, has multiple | lines when it should and is difficult to follow

Steps to reproduce:
Just tried to run code from a macbook using Chrome.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome / OS High Sierra / Macbook 5,1

Hey @ChrisBerry4!

Can you send me the like to your repl so I can take a look?


Here is a link to the code

Everything seems to be working fine. Is the issue still occurring? Can you try updating your browser to the latest version?

I was able to run it with no issues in Safari. Previously it showed an error screen when using safari and trying to open a process. I will just continue coding with that as chrome still has the issue.